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Embrace the magic of nature! Biophilic design – a friendly path to a sustainable future

It is well known that nature has a positive impact on our well-being and mood. For instance, taking a short walk in nature can help us relax and quickly enhance our overall health, making us happier, less stressed, and more creative. However, we can enjoy the same benefits even in our workspaces. Biophilic design focuses […]

Image about Vitra Panton chair

#TheOriginals: Panton Chair – a classic in the history of furniture design

The Panton Chair’s curves have become an iconic sight, even though when Verner Panton first proposed the chair to manufacturers in the 1950s, they all considered it a daring concept and even an impossibility. All but Vitra, who embraced the innovative design and, together with Panton, took up the challenge of bringing it to market. […]

Image about benefits of an agile workplace

Agile workplaces: top 5 benefits for your team

Flexible work environments are becoming increasingly popular in today’s business world, due to their numerous benefits. Designed to bring people and technology together in an efficient manner, these spaces – where traditional offices are replaced with practical open areas, shared desks and comfortable seating options – encourage creativity, innovation, communication and adaptability, and can also […]

Image about Eames Lounge Chair – longevity for generations

The Originals: Eames Lounge Chair – longevity for generations

‘Why don’t we make an updated version of the old English club chair?’ An innocent question initiated the development of an iconic armchair that combines ultimate comfort with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship: the Eames Lounge Chair, one of the most popular furniture designs of the 20th century. For Charles and Ray Eames, the main goal was to satisfy the desire for a generously proportioned chair […]

Jean Prouve

Project1 Showcases Jean Prouvé’s Work at Romanian Design Week 2023 

© Vitra Romanian Design Week is an annual event that enhances design, architecture, creativity, and innovation as catalysts for cultural, social, and economic development. Romanian Design Week aims to foster a vibrant design community, encourage collaboration and exchange, and stimulate the growth of the design industry in Romania. It provides a space to explore new […]


#TheOriginals: Standard Chair – when structure determines design

When a Vitra furniture piece arrives in a home, an office or a public space, it brings not only functionality or beauty, but a long story of innovation and creativity. A story of the designer who, in collaboration with Vitra, starts a seemingly endless development process, filled with trials and errors. A story of a manufacturing attitude where the details are not only […]


Iconic female designers: Hella Jongerius

In celebration of International Women’s Day, we are bringing in the spotlight Hella Jongerius – one of the most appreciated female contemporany designers. As one of the contemporary designers in the Vitra gallery, Hella brings a playful vision to the universe of the brand. Her passion for colors is easy to see in all the […]


Love is in the… details 

In the world of Vitra, love is one of the strongest sources of inspiration – Alexander Girard and Verner Panton are two of the Vitra designers who used symbols of love in their creations. The heart shape is recognized all over the world as the main symbol for romantic love. One theory says that the […]

Christmas magic, a source of inspiration

Christmas and winter holidays have always been inspiring for designers and for artists, in general. The cozy atmosphere, the bright decorations, the joy of giving and the symbolism of Christmas carols are some of the elements that invite creativity. The Vitra universe is, through the unique visions of some of the designers, a gateway to […]

Sustainability at Vitra | A discussion with Christian Grosen Ramussen, Chief Design Officer

As the entire world moves towards a production and consumption behavior that shows as much respect for resources and the planet as possible, sustainability is a topic that has gained importance and makes us wonder to what extent we can be part of change. Vitra is one of the European brands that have innovated since […]

Project1 Headquarters in Bucharest: the Story

At the core of everything we do is our belief that we build homes for the companies we work with. We are proud to create spaces that translate a brand culture into an environment ready to host teams of high-performance professionals. So when it came to building our own home, we couldn’t come up short. […]

The Original is by Vitra: an exclusive interview with Stine Liv Buur, Design Manager Classics

Vitra is one of the few brands in the world that looks at things differently. For Vitra, the pieces of furniture that see the light of day are the result of a fruitful collaboration with the designers who become close friends of the brand. Each collaboration varies due to the personal world view and creative […]

The future of Work | Webcast by Raphael Gielgen, Trendscout at Vitra

Vitra is one of the world’s most powerful companies in terms of design innovation. Today it produces some of the most iconic pieces of furniture and has always supported the evolution in terms of manufacturing processes, materials, colors, shapes. Their approach is based on efforts to always keep up to date with changes in the […]

Health & Safety at Project1: building a stronger team

Think safe. Work safe. Home safe A mantra that has become one of the values encompassing Project1’s vision of maintaining the highest possible standards in all areas, from service delivery to caring for people. Our organizational culture, which places great emphasis on Health & Safety, is acquired by all team members in all the functional […]

Project1 is here. Built to suit Timisoara.

As we approach the end of our first year, the first official headquarters of Project1 opens in Timisoara. It is a space that reflects our values and vision, the creativity and the experience of the team behind the wonderful projects we carry out. We thank our partners, as well as the collaborators and clients who […]

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