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Health & Safety at Project1: building a stronger team

Think safe. Work safe. Home safe

A mantra that has become one of the values encompassing Project1’s vision of maintaining the highest possible standards in all areas, from service delivery to caring for people. Our organizational culture, which places great emphasis on Health & Safety, is acquired by all team members in all the functional and execution areas within the company. We support our team by maintaining a healthy and safe work environment in which they feel valued.

Think safe.

Our actions are focused on informing and training the team, along with encouraging empathetic and altruistic behavior, starting from the management team who lead by example. We care about people, not only because they are the essence of our company, but because we operate in an industry that is focused on the comfort and welfare of people – at work and beyond.

In this light, we carry out regular training and informative workshops on topics of interest such as physical and mental health, optimal protection during working hours, reducing the risk of injury and effective communication with others.

The entire Project1 team have attended a first aid course, with the support of specialists from Regina Maria, in order to acquire the essential notions regarding saving lives in extreme situations. It is a process that will be repeated periodically, as the team grows, to ensure that all our employees can take care of each other and can react quickly and appropriately.

Work safe.

To ensure the effective application of the prevention measures established in the regulations and procedures, which minimize the risks and ensure our activity proceeds under safe conditions, Project1 has organized OSH inspector courses for colleagues who work in the field, on construction sites and in warehouses.

All courses are conducted with the support of accredited trainers and our team members receive official certifications.

Home safe.

We make sure that at the end of every working day all members of the Project1 team get home safely to their families.

It is a relationship of mutual respect and trust that helps us to have a stronger, better team every day.

You can read more about our point of view on the matter in our Quality, Health, Safety and Environment Policy.


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