Project1 Showcases Jean Prouvé’s Work at Romanian Design Week 2023 

Jean Prouve

© Vitra

Romanian Design Week is an annual event that enhances design, architecture, creativity, and innovation as catalysts for cultural, social, and economic development. Romanian Design Week aims to foster a vibrant design community, encourage collaboration and exchange, and stimulate the growth of the design industry in Romania. It provides a space to explore new concepts, engage in discussions, and experience the power of design in shaping culture, society, and the economy. 

For the 2023 edition, Project1 collaborated with Vitra and Intro Design to present an exhibition dedicated to the remarkable work of Jean Prouvé. The “Prouvé Roadshow” exhibition captivated architects, designers, and aesthetics enthusiasts, creating an engaging experience for all RDW attendees. 

The centerpiece of the exhibition was the “Prouvé Roadshow” installation,” which presented a curated selection of Jean Prouvé’s designs. Visitors were able to explore his architectural masterpieces and visionary creations, experiencing firsthand the transformative power of Prouvé’s designs.  

Prouve Roadshow Installation
Stine Bur, Vitra

Stine Liv Buur, Designer Manager Classics at Vitra, traveled to Romania to share her knowledge and insights during RDW 2023. Her presentation shed light on Jean Prouvé’s life, creative philosophy, and Vitra’s collaboration with Prouvé’s family. By highlighting their shared commitment to preserving his legacy and pushing boundaries in design, Stine enriched the exhibition experience, inspiring architects to embrace Prouvé’s spirit of innovation. 

Jean Prouvé (1901-1984) was a French designer and architect known for his significant contributions to 20th-century industrial design and construction techniques. He was recognized for his innovative use of materials, particularly in creating lightweight and durable furniture, prefabricated houses, and architectural structures. Prouvé’s designs often emphasized functionality, simplicity, and structural integrity. His work encompassed a wide range of disciplines, including furniture design, architecture, metalwork, and urban planning. Prouvé’s designs continue to inspire and influence contemporary designers and architects, reflecting his enduring impact on the field of design. 

Vitra recognized the timeless appeal and innovative qualities of Prouvé’s work and sought to preserve and promote his designs. The collaboration involved reissuing Prouvé’s classic furniture pieces, faithfully reproducing them with high-quality materials and craftsmanship. By partnering with Vitra, Prouvé’s designs gained wider visibility and accessibility, allowing design enthusiasts and collectors to appreciate and incorporate his iconic pieces into their spaces. The collaboration between Jean Prouvé and Vitra has helped to preserve Prouvé’s design legacy and ensure that his influential designs continue to be celebrated and enjoyed by generations to come. 

Throughout their participation in Romanian Design Week 2023 and the memorable “Prouvé Roadshow” exhibition, we experienced the delightful surprise of discovering the deep admiration and love that the Romanian architect community holds for Jean Prouvé.

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