Project1 Headquarters in Bucharest: the Story

At the core of everything we do is our belief that we build homes for the companies we work with. We are proud to create spaces that translate a brand culture into an environment ready to host teams of high-performance professionals.

So when it came to building our own home, we couldn’t come up short.

The Project1 headquarters in Bucharest is designed to intertwine the functionality of an office with the look and feel of a showroom. As Vitra represents one of our main sources of inspiration, we became the largest dealer showroom in Eastern Europe, an embodiment of everything Vitra stands for: tradition, quality, innovation. Iconic and recently-released Vitra designs are combined seamlessly with amazing pieces created by a carefully curated handful of other brands we are proud to call our partners: Occhio for lighting accessories, ShawContract and Dinesen for incredible flooring solutions, Walter Knoll for furniture and accessories, and more.

Different areas tell different stories as they have been created with certain objectives in mind: individual focused work, teamwork and collaboration, networking and leisure time, meeting rooms. This setup helps us showcase many of our solutions in a way that allows visitors to better envision their own space.

There is no room for compromise in our universe.

Placed in one of the iconic office buildings in Bucharest, in very beautiful surroundings, the Project1 headquarters is a hive that bursts with creativity, trustworthy experience and the enthusiasm of a growing team, all in search of excellence. As one of our values states, the Project1 team members are The Best People, a vibe you immediately catch upon entering our space. We selected the best, both in terms of people and products that inspire us. There is no room for compromise in our universe.

Our showroom is an open invitation to the world of excellence. An office-museum, which invites you to sit down, to touch, to admire, to listen to stories.

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