The future of Work | Webcast by Raphael Gielgen, Trendscout at Vitra

Vitra is one of the world’s most powerful companies in terms of design innovation.

Today it produces some of the most iconic pieces of furniture and has always supported the evolution in terms of manufacturing processes, materials, colors, shapes. Their approach is based on efforts to always keep up to date with changes in the market, in people’s lifestyles, in their needs.

As Charles Eames once said, “Design addresses itself to the need”.

Raphael Gielgen visits more than 100 companies a year. He is the Trendscout for Vitra, the person who studies what happens in the field, where Vitra products will find their utility. Whilst traveling around the Globe, the whole world is his laboratory and the future his research area. We might say that he has the power to predict the future, by reading the present in a way that few people can.

He is the one who always asks questions, who tries to find the substance, who never ceases to look for more. His curiosity, restless search for explanation and his desire to explore, reflect and redefine everything may sometimes be challenging his colleagues. But when he arrives in the office after a long journey, he tells you stories that may sound more like a utopian vision to you, rather than real experiences of existing places.

Raphael is one of the engines that always pushes Vitra towards evolution, and he often shares his wisdom and amazing ideas with the public, as he recently did in a special Webcast hosted by Vitra, on the theme of “The future of work in uncertain times.”

Below you will find the recording of this Webcast, extremely useful for all those who are wondering what the spaces will look like in the near future. What will be the new rules and layouts for the offices we share? How will how and where we meet change? How will we balance personal safety, in terms of health, with environmental safety, in terms of sustainability? Find all these answers and more in the by watching Raphael’s presentation.

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