PROJECT1 - Advise. Plan. Build.
About us

Built to last.

We are a strong team of professionals experienced in managing and delivering large and complex interior construction sites. We select and allocate the best resources for our customers: people, suppliers and partners.

We take pride in meeting strict deadlines at the highest standards.


Hands on business. To get the job done, you need professionally qualified and experienced staff with a proven track record, able to make cost effective decisions on time. Our staff are carefully selected for their strong sense of personal responsibility and the work ethic necessary to get any job done. Accountability is a vital aspect of everything we do.

Critical thinking

The ‘why’ is important to us. We question assumptions and challenge claims, seeking out new limits. This is fundamental to smart decision making. Logical thinking is “a must”.

Trust and commitment

Successful businesses are built on effective communication and real relationships. We look to establish long term partnerships, built on trust and reliability proven over time.

The best people

Hiring the best professionals and inspiring them to be the leaders of tomorrow is key to building a successful future. We understand the nature of work - people working with people - and we value personal integrity and ethical practices within our team.

Think safe. Work safe. Home safe

We are committed to creating a truly safe culture around us, for all people involved in our projects. The leadership demonstrated by our project managers motivates and encourages people around them to think safe, work safe and therefore go home to their families safe. Both partners and clients are safe with Project1.