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The right expertise to deliver integrated projects to suit any corporate need.

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Built to last

We are a strong team of professionals experienced in managing and delivering large and complex interior construction sites. We understand our customers’ needs thanks to our deep focus on their processes and operations.

Our Services

We take pride in meeting strict deadlines at the highest standards.

Our Projects

We contribute to the success of our clients by enabling them to access functional working environments on the highest standards.

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Our values

Through our core values, we aim to become the leaders of the market and impose the highest ethical standards in the industry.​


To get the job done, you need professionally qualified and experienced staff with a proven track record, able to make cost effective decisions on time. Accountability is a vital aspect of everything we do.


The ‘why’ is important to us. We question assumptions and challenge claims, seeking out new limits. This is fundamental to smart decision making. Logical thinking is “a must”.

Trust and

Successful businesses are built on effective communication and real relationships. We look to establish long term partnerships, built on trust and reliability proven over time.

The best

Hiring the best professionals and inspiring them to be the leaders of tomorrow is key to building a successful future. We understand the nature of work and we value personal integrity and ethical practices within our team.

Think safe. Work
safe. Home safe

We are committed to creating a truly safe culture around us, for all people involved in our projects. The leadership demonstrated by our project managers encourages people to think safe, work safe and go home to their families safe.

Our Partners

We are extremely proud to be partnering with brands who share similar values and have a continuous focus on exquisite quality.

News & Views

Welcome into the world of Project1 - find out more about our clients, the brands we work with and our expertise.

image about biophilic office

Embrace the magic of nature! Biophilic design – a friendly path to a sustainable future

It is well known that nature has a positive impact on our well-being and mood. For instance, taking a short walk in nature can help us relax and quickly enhance our overall health, making us happier, less stressed, and more creative. However, we can enjoy the same benefits even in our workspaces. Biophilic design focuses […]

Image about Vitra Panton chair

#TheOriginals: Panton Chair – a classic in the history of furniture design

The Panton Chair’s curves have become an iconic sight, even though when Verner Panton first proposed the chair to manufacturers in the 1950s, they all considered it a daring concept and even an impossibility. All but Vitra, who embraced the innovative design and, together with Panton, took up the challenge of bringing it to market. […]

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We aim to create value for Customers, Employees and Investors. We aim to create value for Customers, Employees and Investors.
You can find us here